Flatironed in a Flash with Theorie’s Saga Touch Flatiron

19 Sep


Hi, I’m Sara, you may also know me as Small Chick Big Deals. Every time I purchase something whether it be food, an outfit, or even a beauty product I always ask myself– is this worth my money? How much value does it have?  When I found out I had the opportunity to review Theories Saga Collection Touch flatiron for Manhattan with a Twist I knew I had to take it. I love using a flatiron when I have a chance, especially one that won’t damage my hair and that is easy to work with.

Theorie has an array of products from flatirons to blow dryers, all completely user-friendly and up to professional standards. They also come in a variety of colors: black, red, blue, and purple. The flatiron I was sent was the chrome blue, 1.1/2 titanium flatiron. As I mentioned, it’s user-friendly so you can just plug it in to your outlet, touch the power button, and set your desired temperature. It takes only a few minutes to get to your ideal temperature, which is great and this also helps even heat distribution. They also use ionized technology so that your hair is silkier and smoother. And if you aren’t impressed already it heats up to 450 degrees!


This lovely flatiron sells for $150, but it’s certainly a bang for your buck with all the new technology in it and it’s also packaged like a gift– in an embossed brass leather plated box. I love that now I even have time to straighten my hair in the morning before my long commute to Manhattan, which is awesome. I plan on taking great care of it and using it for a long, long time. I’d also be interested in trying their blow dryer in the future since I’m so impressed with the flatiron.

Find out more about  Theorie at: http://yourtheorie.com/home.shtml

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